Guild Meeting 04/14

The guild is doing very well and we have a lot of new members who interested in participating in Ops. Since our last meeting we have added a new HM weekly raid team The Rough Necks, which is led by Sssoul. This team has been filled out and is raiding on Sunday afternoons, and Monday nights. Another team may be starting up sometime in the future, with Martyshka leading. She is away at the moment, but I am told she wants to start up a team upon her return. Days/Times to be announced.

For new members trying to orientate themselves to our social routines and schedules, let’s go over some helpful advice.

• Some of the new members may ask how do we find out when events are scheduled? A rough schedule is located on our website. You can find a link to it on the home page. However, the day to day schedule is in our Discord. The Raid Leader will post an @everyone with the scheduled content of the day (@everyone Today’s raid is SM GF TFB at 9PM EST). If the time is being changed, or the raid cancelled it will also be posted there.
• Discord is an important feature of how we communicate out of game. If you haven’t joined our guild Discord, please do so today. Download the App, then click the invite link that we have posted in our channel.
• Teamspeak is also very important. It’s the best way to communicate and socialize. And it’s the best way for us to get to know you and make sure that you get included in activities. Impromptu activities happen all of the time. Don’t be shy, join in and get to know us!
• If you have questions or need help please feel free to reach out. We are here to help you learn. Now, that being said we offer assistance in game play, class and overall Op mechanics. But you may not find a leveling buddy or someone to teach you how to get HK parts, or some other random in game achievement. That’s when you use google.

Topics under discussion:

1) A Datacron Event will be scheduled in May. It will be every weekend for approximately 7 weeks. This event will be the type of group event where we will be summoning folks to the datacrons and we are going to need a lot of volunteers. We will raffle (/roll) off credits each week (500k to 2 million). For each week a member volunteers their volunteer status changes.
a) The first week is Bronze. They have one roll and a max of 500k credits to win.
b) The second week is Silver. They have two roll s and a max of 1 million credits to win.
c) The third week is Gold. They have three rolls and a max of 1.5 million credits to win.
d) The fourth week is Platinum. They have four rolls and a max of 2 million credits to win.
e) Runners up will receive a cartel item (mounts, decos, armor set) or maybe an Rodian Mayo Sandwich. Hmmmm………yummy

These events will take 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Each volunteer will need to have two toons at their datacron and we will do a kind of domino summoning event cycling through two groups. Once the groups are done, we will summon any guildies volunteering that need any of the datacrons to make sure that everyone is taken care of. Make sure you allot at least 3 hours of your time if you volunteer. (summoning two groups, then volunteers, then the raffle activity.

This event is being finance by the sale of the named commander kills. Those frameworks sell for very good money and we would like to share the wealth with you. I’ve increased the Marauder rank repairs already and will be doing so for all ranks shortly.
We will post the event calendar in Discord by Sunday evening so people can sign up and win some coin!
2) The DPS clinics have been very successful and a big shout out to all who attended and to the instructors for taking their time and sharing knowledge and showing off their expertise. Next week is the last one I have scheduled. We will do another round in the distant future and then do a DPS competition, but I think we have plenty of guild activities at moment to tide us over.
3) Main guild rules. Our main two rules are adults only (18+) and don’t be a douche. Let’s explain what “don’t be a douche” means. Be somewhat respectful to guildies and non-guildies alike. It’s ok to have a disagreement with people but calling them names or harassing them isn’t respectful. In other words, don’t be a troll. Our rep is your rep. Your rep is our rep. I am proud of the guild and our guildies. So please don’t trash people in general or pvp chats because gives us a bad reputation.
4) Sister Imp Guild Meatshield. For those of you who don’t know, we have a sister imp guild Meatshield. If you have an Imp toon needing a guild please let us know so we can get them invited. If you have time on your hands, please help them with their conquest goals and try to get a toon their conquest total over there. Onehitwonder is the GM, so if you have any questions or want to join in any of their activities please contact him and he assist you.
5) Raiding and what you need to do or improve to get past SM Ops. We do quite a lot of story mode ops for cxp and for conquest. Also, to get people used to the mechanics. GF SM Ops are boosted so, gear and sometimes skill doesn’t always matter. But gear and skill do matter to get past SM content and into HM content. That means you should be in the parser and concerned about where your dps or heals are compared to the rest of the team. We will help you by giving you advice and the opportunity to get gear, however it’s up to you to learn your class.
6) Improving your skill isn’t the only thing you need to do for HM content. You also need to improve your UI. That consists of making your raid frames, focus target and focus task bar usable for Ops.
a) Getting interrupts on some boss fights will be absolutely essential and will be the difference between killing the boss and the boss killing the raid.
b) Turning up the scale of your debuffs are also highly important. You as a raider need to know when you have a debuff on you so you can pop mitigation AND OR cleanse the debuff yourself. NEVER solely rely on healers to cleanse you. To kill the boss YOU need to stay alive. The healer may have to cleanse the entire raid and your priority is dead last. The healer may be trying to keep the tank up and can’t get a cleanse off on you. Or you may just have a healer who doesn’t have their own UI tweaked so they can see the debuff. As a healer myself, I can tell you MY priority. #1- Tank. #2-Myself. #3-a dps that I KNOW cannot cleanse themselves like a gunslinger, guardian, vanguard, sentinel, shadow dps. Some of these classes can spec into cleansing themselves every other time. SM stuff mostly can be done without cleanses, but TRAIN yourself to self-cleanse because HM content is no joke.
If you need help setting up your UI, just speak to Lesh, Dianiss or myself. We will be happy to assist you and get it tweaked for optimal raiding.
7) The newly jacked up Conquest. So, everyone sees all the changes made to conquest. Many of used to be able to get conquest fairly easy on multiple toons. You may ask why we focus on conquest if we are a raiding guild. Two reasons.
a) The mats that drop. And after the next patch the crafting mats we need to make the new augments will drop from the Tier 1 and 2 conquest planets.
b) It’s somewhat fun to compete and see our name on the board for conquest. We are nearly always in the top 4, if not in the #2 spot.
We will be invading the 2nd tier planet so we can get the mats for the new augments. We are close as a guild to getting enough points weekly for the 1st tier planet, but I don’t want people grinding to get the guild total every week. For now, 2nd tier is easily within our range and if we have a larger population of members pushing conquest, then we will go for the 1st tier which drops a larger number of mats.
For the past several weeks we have been evaluating the best way to get multiple toons their conquest. And it’s really all about the math. There are usually daily things like SM GF Ops that give each toon 1500-1875 (depending on the stronghold thing) points. Then there are several large 5k-7.5k points you can get ONE time only throughout your legacy. If you are so so and don’t have the time to get multiple toons thru conquest, just hit the big numbers. If you want multiple toons achieving conquest, then you just need to hit ONE big point score (per toon) and then do the dailies. Then do the same with another toon. It is doable but you need to pay attention to the math and just NOT do the big-ticket items all on one toon or it’s just a grind grind grind to get another toon through. Dianiss is going to write up a guide of some kind and he will post it on our website and in discord.
8) Scheduled SM content versus doing LO’s. We have scheduled SM raid nights, usually GF type of stuff. But by the time the raid comes around, the majority of people have done LO’s. This is as good as it is bad. New members just joining us, want to see content. Some have joined us to learn SM content and hopefully progress to HM content, etc. With conquest (being totally fucked by Bioware) it’s not the most effective means of boosting guild conquest or even personal any longer but it’s still good for all the shiny cxp packs and to farm the cxp boosts.

Part of the process of reviving the guild was to do scheduled events every night of the week, which we have mostly done. The guild has grown tremendously with the assistance of Onehitwonder recruiting and our activity factor. Perhaps it’s time to cut down on the activities a bit. I think a lot of us are bored when it comes to doing SM raids over and over. Maybe we should cut one of the SM scheduled raids and have it be just Conquest activity? Or make a HM raid?

Our current schedule is:

Tues/Wed SM Ops at 11am. (Black Obtuse raid team in the evening)
Thurs – SM GF Ops (sometimes HM KP/EV)
Fri – SM GF Ops
Sat - Guild Events (clinics, datacron, conquest/world bosses), then SM Ops in the evening
Sun – Nothing atm
Mon – SM Ops, either pubside or imp side

This puts us at about 5 scheduled SM ops events. Maybe it’s time to only have 3 per week. Lesh has offered to put together a casual HM team. He has been the raid leader for the Thursday activities. Let’s discuss as a guild and get feedback from members.

The discussion ended up that we will do less scheduled SM activities and push into HM Ops. If LO stop us from doing GF on scheduled nights, we will just move to a non GF SM raid. We also spoke on length about the very real need of finding raid leaders who are willing and able to raid lead HM content.