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Guild Guidelines, bank access and ranks

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Guild Rules for HellBent

Hellbent is a place where friends and family meet up in the pursuit of playing a game. This is basically a meeting place in game where we can gather to socialize and find other like minded people to do our dailies, pvp, flashpoints, operations or just level up another character or two. Our guild is the over 18 crowd, which means we will use foul language or be a bit risqué on occasion and have a good time doing it. A good sense of humor is a must have. This is a game and we all play for enjoyment. We will have a loose structure with only a few rules of conduct.

Basic Conduct Rules

1) Don’t be intentionally offensive either in guild chat or on Teamspeak.
2) If someone takes offense at something, diffuse the situation by apologizing and don’t bring up the subject again.
3) Don’t troll general or fleet chat. Troll means be unduly offensive or mean.
4) Don’t bring drama into guild chat. If you have an issue with someone try and work it out in a separate Teamspeak, Discord channel or in whispers. If that doesn’t work, get an officer involved to resolve the issue.
5) Racism will not be tolerated. Keep racial bias or prejudices to yourself. This is game and not the forum for your opinions in this area.
6) Should an officer warn a guild member or guest repeated to stop talking (in Teamspeak, Discord or guild chat) about a subject deemed sensitive, inappropriate, political or religious the member is required to stop. Should a member need to be warned repeatedly then the officer will remove them to the "Political/Religious/Other" TS channel and or possibly ban them from Teamspeak on a temporary or permanent basis.

Removal from guild for Inappropriate Conduct or Excessive Complaints

Failure to abide by the above rules can and or will result in temporary or permanent bans from Teamspeak and possibly removal of a member from the guild. This is only after repeated warnings or infractions. RESPECT each other and the authority of the Officers. Any removals of members from the guild is at the sole discretion of the Council and the officers. This is only after repeated warnings or infractions. RESPECT each other and the authority of the Officers. Any removals of members from the guild is at the sole discretion of the Council and the officers. If an officer removes a member for disturbing the peace of the guild or some other reason they may not be invited back. The officers will vote on whether they will be allowed to come back. Should we receive an excessive amount of complaints from guildies even about past behavior (previous to being in Hellbent) you may be removed from the guild. Your reputation is our reputation and our reputation is yours.

Removal for Inactivity

The fun thing about MMO's is the social aspect. Most of us want to be in a guild where you log online and you find people online. This is very important and while we do not care if you log ever day, once a week, once a month, etc., we do want active people in the guild. If you haven't logged online within 60 days, then you will be removed from the guild.

Gear Requirements and Assistance with your Class

We will assist you with gearing up, but there should be NO expectations of carrying you or any members through content. We expect you to put effort into getting your own gear. We can advise and offer you opportunities. You supply your own labor and sweat.

If you need advice on your class, we will assist you. We show you how to look your class up and find someone suitable to help you with your stats and or rotation. There is good and bad information to be found online. Using a parser can help you learn the difference.

Guild Bank access and use

The first tab will be open to all members. Don’t throw your junk that you can’t sell into this tab. Everyone can take a few items per week.

The other tabs will be open to officers and raid team members. Should you see something you would like, please ask an officer to retrieve it for you. Stims, med packs, adrenals will be at no cost as long as guildies donate them to the guild. Any other items you will be asked to donate approximately ½ of whatever they are selling on the GTN. Any items retrieved or taken from the guild bank will be for a members personal use only. Selling them on the GTN or in trade is unacceptable.

Should we see a member using the bank irresponsibly or inappropriately their access to the guild bank will be removed indefinitely.

Guild Ranks

Fresh Meat – New member (30k repair funds)
Member - After trial period (50k repair funds)
Marauder Recruit - skill/experience assessment period (250k repair funds)
Marauder – On a raid team (500k repair funds)
Patron - Trusted member/Mentor - (600k repair funds)
Jr. Officer – Raid Leader or Leadership activities (700k repair funds)
Officer - Assists in Guild Management (750k repair funds)
Guild Council (Co-GM's) – Guild Management Team
GM – Guild Leader

SM Operation Guidelines

1) Be in Teamspeak for voice direction!
2) Show up on the designated raid night ready to raid.
3) Follow directions.
4) Have Fun!!

Entering HM Ops as a New Guild Member

First you need to identify yourself as wanting to enter our Ops Community by contacting a Council Member, an Officer and or by submitting a Raid Application. Then you will be assigned a Mentor who will guide you through the orientation and assessment period. Orientation will include going over the HM/NM guidelines posted below, questions about your experience, going over your UI setup (debuffs, etc) and making sure you are acquainted with Starparse. Assessment will include how skilled and knowledgeable you are with your class, your raid awareness (are you standing in shit, etc) and your general experience in Ops. This allows us to identify what content you are prepared to enter and what you can handle. It also gives us the opportunity to offer you assistance if necessary.

HM/NM Operation Guidelines

1) Show up on time, or early if possible.
2) COMMUNICATION: If you can’t make a raid, contact your raid leader using discord or by text.
3) COMMITMENT: Commit to the days and times set by the raid team/raid leader. Inconsistency is a snowball effect. One person leads to two people, leads to three people..... and BAM you have more subs then regular team members.
4) Come prepared with stims, medpacs and enough credits to pay for repairs.
5) If asked by your raid leader, look up or research boss fights.
6) Don’t second guess the raid leaders strats. You may whisper him in game if you have a suggestion, but don’t belabor the point if he doesn’t take your advice.
7) Don’t start drama over loot. It will drop again.
8) During boss fights, keep TS clear so we can all hear directions from our raid leader.
9) All members of a raid team must have Teamspeak (and a mic for HM/NM content) and be able and willing to use a parser.
10) Each raid spot is up to the discretion of the raid leader for any reason.
11) Accept and implement constructive criticism if your output needs to be higher for the content at hand.
11) Respect your raid leader, respect your team. When you do not do the above it makes it harder for progression and harder for your raid leader.

Progression and Hard Mode Mentality

Teamspeak is a tool that is necessary to communicate with other members of your team. You can’t type and heal or type and tank properly. (maybe DPS can, lol) Make sure to have your UI set up for raiding. Make sure to use mitigation and to self cleanse. You may think self cleanse? That's a healer's job. At least half of the classes have some kind of self cleanse. Sages, Commandos, Scoundrels (have two!!) and then Shadow dps/tanks and Sentinels can all spec into a self cleanse. Dots (damage over time) can really hurt in HM and can kill you in NM mode so being able to self cleanse is essential because your healers have one cleanse a piece. And you won't get it if you can self cleanse.

Hardmode and Nightmare content is very difficult and can present some DPS, Healing and or Tank checks. It is important for you to use Starparse as a tool to make sure that your output is high enough and at a close margin with the other DPS or Healer on the team. Lack of DPS or Heals can become a roadblock to a boss kill. Your raid leader may ask you to work on improvement and polishing your output. Utilizing the right utilities for some boss is required as is using mitigation and self cleansing. This is a difficult conversation for the Raid Leader and the team member. You must be able to accept and implement constructive criticism and advice.

Attendance will not be a hard and fast rule, however if you miss a lot of raids whether you have a good excuse or not don't expect your raid spot to be held. Raiding or Operations are a team sport and a full team is necessary. Someone is always waiting in the wings to fill a spot. Keep that in mind. If you have irregular attendance your team's overall progression will be slow and tedious which is not fun. It's a game, sticking to these rules will help your team get further into content which is way more enjoyable then banging your head against a difficult boss kill.

Raid leading is a not an easy role. It requires skill and dedication. They have to make hard decisions like sitting a player. Do not make it even more difficult for them by complaining. Be appreciative and don't take your raid leader for granted. Mistakes will be made on occasion, so don't get bent out of shape. If you have a problem ask to talk to them after the raid, not during it.

All HM raiding rules will be utilized at the Raid Leader’s instructions. The guild management does not want to micro manage anyone’s raid team. We will step in only if requested by the Raid Leader or multiple members of the raid team.

In closing, just remember that we are playing a game. It should be fun and something we look forward to when we can find the time to play. The rules here in Hellbent are simply a structure that we use to ensure we enjoy the content and each other to the fullest.

(updated 10/16/18)
The officers can change these guidelines at any time. Changes will be posted as a new sticky and will be dated.
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