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Welcome to Hellbent!

[O] Aenean a posted Mar 10, 16

Hellbent a Republic based Star Wars the old Republic (SWTOR) guild on the Star Forge (EST) server. We are a collection of like-minded individuals who enjoy both the game and the Star Wars universe. We welcome all levels of skill and experience with the intention of providing a carefree fun-loving community. Our members enjoy a variety of multiplayer activity such as Operations, Flashpoints, PVP, Conquest, and other world and guild events. While not purely conquest driven, we do achieve high numbers and obtain the weekly large yield conquest rewards. 

Our main focus is end game PVE content. We strive to improve our performance both as individuals and as a team. We have multiple open invite operation activities scheduled throughout our week as well as several HM/NIM focused teams. New members and players are provided with opportunities to experience multiplayer game content. If they have a willingness to learn, we provide teaching activities on raid mechanics and class abilities.

Our sister Imp guild is <Your Companion> who is similiar in size, activity and content. 

 We are a delightfully inappropriate raiding guild and a whole lot of fun!

Imperial Sister Guild:

<Your Companion>

Today's Group Finder Operation:

Upcoming GF Operations:

Raiding News

Today Hellbent officially launched our Highway To Hellbent Operations program, designed to help bring our community of raiding enthusiants together despite our wide variety of skill and experience levels.

In addition to completely retooling and updating our Guild Application and Raid Team Application forms, we are starting a Mentor program where experienced volunteer raiders will take time to personally do basic orientation of new guild members who are interested in raiding at Hard Mode and above.  The goal of this program is three-fold:

  1. Identify those players who want to do HM Operations (as opposed to our many Conquest-focused players)
  2. Make sure all members are aware of the basic requirements and expectations of HM raiding
  3. Assess new members' skill and experience levels to identify what that player needs to do to be ready to join a regular team.

(And for skilled/experienced raiders, this means a fast-track path to being recognized as such.)

Current guild members can read more about the program in this forum post and any questions can be directed to one of our officers and/or Guild Council members.

Unfortunately, due to real-life conflicts, Inferno Squad was unable to continue as a regular team, and has been disbanded.  We thank all of our members who participated, especially Mozaran who stepped up as a temporary raid leader when the team needed it.

But, it's not all bad news: we're proud to announce the launch of a new HM team: We Shoot First, led by Lesh!

W.S.F. will be a HM progression team to teach new members HM mechanics and gear up, preparing them for NiM content. Lesh will be doing tryouts for the next several weeks. Contact him if you are interested in joining the team.

We also have plans in the works to launch another HM group starting a few weeks after the We Shoot First roster has been chosen.  This will be an open group, and not a set team, with the intention of being a place to teach players who are new to HM raiding, and raiding practice for those not already on a regular team.  We will announce more details such as days/times in the near future.

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